In response to great demand from customers to provide more in depth health plan analysis and consulting assistance, American Fidelity Administrative Services, LLC (AFAS) was established. Our goal is to provide solutions that make the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) simple for you. AFAS is helping organizations just like yours to untangle the complexity of the rules, develop and interpret their strategic plans, and outsource ongoing administrative tasks. We can assist with the following:

  • Strategic Planning. You will receive information you need to understand the law, tools to assist with compliance, and analysis to develop your Employer Mandate Penalty strategy.
  • Administrative Services. Once you have developed your plans, we offer a variety of turnkey solutions to simplify your ongoing compliance obligations.
  • Ongoing Support. As ACA continues to evolve, we're committed to keeping you informed about changes in the law by sending VIP email notices and providing monthly educational webinars. Your Consultant can also remain available when you have questions and meet with you once a year to review and refine your strategy and compliance plans.

We will be here to provide the support you need, when you need it.

Advantages of Partnering with American Fidelity

American Fidelity is uniquely positioned to assist you with ACA because we understand not only the new rules but, more importantly, how those responsibilities are going to impact employers and employees in the markets we serve. Our independence adds additional value – we are able to support you as you make the decisions that are best for your organization while also helping protect your flexibility in the future.

Neither American Fidelity Assurance Company nor American Fidelity Administrative Services provides tax or legal advice and, given the complexity of these laws, we always recommend working with your legal counsel on how the laws impact your specific situation.